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Here you can find the Methodology with which we monitor court sessions, news from attended court hearings, and thematic reports on the results of monitoring, for example: on criminal cases, about work of courts in period of pandemic.
The calendar allows you to find news about a trial on a specific date.

Artists in Courts

From now on we will illustrate our court hearing articles with drawings by two wonderful painters: Anna Tereshkina and Katya...  

15 July 2022

Case about improper translation

The consideration of the Davletova case continues in Krasnogvardeysky district court. Another hearing was held on March 19. Our observer...  

12 April 2021

Boyarshinov: Conditions of Detention

Our spectator describes a court hearing about the conditions of detention of Yuliy Boyarshinov held on March 25: “I struggled...  

12 April 2021


Here you can see a dashboard — an interactive tool, featuring the results of our court websites monitoring in November...  

24 March 2021

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