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Here you can find the Methodology with which we monitor court sessions, news from attended court hearings, and thematic reports on the results of monitoring, for example: on criminal cases, about work of courts in period of pandemic.
The calendar allows you to find news about a trial on a specific date.

Artists in Courts

From now on we will illustrate our court hearing articles with drawings by two wonderful painters: Anna Tereshkina and Katya...  

15 July 2022


In the case of Alekseyev and Akhumyan defense witnesses testified. Two of the witnesses are former work colleagues and the...  

5 November 2020

The St. Petersburg city court handed down a decision in the case of the shooting of SWAT

After the jury reached a verdict in case of the shooting of SWAT the court announced its judgement. On September...  

4 November 2020


In 40 minutes, the plaintiff could not figure out which institution the defendant represented, challenged the judge appointment, almost got...  

3 November 2020

Case of assault on a foreigner

A new case of racially motivated assault is heard in Krasnogvardeysky District Court. Two defendants, Roman Kulev and Vladislav Smolikov,...  

30 October 2020

Briefly on how not to get to the court hearing

Our monitor tells how he tried to attend a hearing in Kolpinsky District Court: Information on the website of Kolpinsky...  

26 October 2020

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