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Case of Krisevich on hooliganism with the use of a weapon

04.05.2023 @ 14:34 – 15:34 Europe/Helsinki Timezone
Case of Krisevich on hooliganism with the use of a weapon

About the case: Pavel Krisevich is accused under part 2 of article 213 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (hooliganism with the use of a weapon) for an incident on Red Square on June 11, 2021: for firing two shots into the air and one blank shot towards himself.

The case is being considered by the Tverskoy District Court of Moscow, with Judge Anatoliy Anatolyevich Belyakov presiding. The hearing is scheduled for May 4th at 14:00.

The courtroom opened at 15:13. Journalists and friends of Krisevich entered, including Nika Samusik, who was detained with Krisevich on the day of the event on Red Square. She introduced herself as a journalist from the “Sota” channel.

Journalist: Is there time for protocol shooting?

Bailiff: Of course, I’ve set aside time for that.

Samusik takes photos of Krisevich in the dock.

Bailiff: Miss, are you accredited for taking photos?

Samusik mentions that she submitted a request for accreditation.

Bailiff: Miss, “Sota” is not on my list for accreditation.

Samusik: Are you kidding me?

Bailiff: Miss, please listen to me. I have “Life,” “Kommersant,” and “Izvestia.”

Journalists and camera operators surround the “aquarium.”

Journalist: Hello, Pavel! How are you feeling?

Krisevich: I believe that this is a pure farce in the sense that the investigators have failed to even formulate a crime. I, of course, do not admit my guilt. … I think it’s wrong, especially in a rule of law state. So, yes, in this case, I believe the state itself is committing a crime. Of course, I understand that maybe they just wanted to give me a tour, to show how prisoners live, how our rights are violated, how the Federal Penitentiary Service squanders money… But if that’s how it has to be, then fine… Of course, I hope I won’t have to go somewhere even further. Like Kemerovo, where people are beaten right at the reception.

Journalist: Could you tell us specifically what the accusation is? And regarding the possible sentence, what awaits you?

Krisevich: Up to seven years, from zero, and the accusation itself is that in an unspecified place at an unspecified time, an unspecified person gave me unspecified instructions on how to engage in hooligan actions… on Red Square. So essentially, they just made up a partner and a crime for me, where “in a socially significant place, he demonstrated…”

Bailiff: Gentlemen, please wrap it up.

Journalist: Do you regret going through with this?

Krisevich: No, I don’t regret it. I think anyone in my shoes would have done the same if they had such an idea. I mean, how to say… from a victim’s perspective, to show that the country is on the border between imaginary violence and real violence.

The bailiff removes Samusik, who continues to take photos and cries, pleading to let her stay in the courtroom.

Krisevich asks his lawyer if there’s any news about the case. The lawyer responds that there isn’t.

Lawyer: See? What a spacious courtroom you have!

Krisevich: A spacious courtroom. [yawns] A bourgeois courtroom. It was worth it to supposedly leave the detention center at 5 AM for this.

An hour and a half after the official start time, the judge finally enters the courtroom. The judge informs the participants that the victims Artamonov, Tsurinova, and Edelyev were summoned but couldn’t attend due to their work commitments.

The prosecutor names three witnesses who also couldn’t be present and reads the charges: “Pavel Olegovich Krisevich committed hooliganism, which is a gross violation of public order, expressing blatant disrespect for society, committed with the use of weapons by a group of individuals acting in conspiracy. Krisevich has a criminal intent aimed at hooliganism, for the realization of which, being in an unspecified location, under unspecified circumstances, during an unspecified period of time, until 12 hours 17 minutes on June 9, 2021, he entered into a preliminary criminal conspiracy with an unspecified person. After that, in order to implement the socially criminal intent, acting according to the assigned role at the direction of an unidentified accomplice, Krisevich on June 9, 2021, at 12 hours 17 minutes, being inside a store … acquired a pistol …”

Krisevich does not admit guilt and mentions his decision to provide testimony “at a later stage of the process.”

The court proceeds to examine the evidence of the accusation, starting with written materials containing a list of items seized from Krisevich and Samusik. The judge periodically asks the defendant if he can hear well.

The doors to the courtroom are opened by Kisevich’s late friend. The judge does not allow him to enter. At 16:10 the evacuation warning was given.

Everyone waits by the exit while a canine trainer brings out a small red dog. At 16:40, Samusik and a late friend return to the hall with everyone. 

Krysievich discusses anti-war actions with Samusik.

The judge enters the courtroom. The prosecutor continues to read charges, including the prosecution of Krisevich for an administrative offense resulting from a previous action at the FSB (Russian Federal Security Service) building.

Prosecutor: I request to postpone the hearing of the case due to the absence of witnesses and victims.

Judge: Don’t you want to watch the video? You are presenting evidence…

Prosecutor: Yes, I understand.

The judge opens packets containing DVD-R discs and, with the help of the secretary, plays the video from the surveillance camera on the Spasskaya Tower. However, they are unable to play the video from the gun store.

At 5:50 PM, the judge takes a break to allow the secretary to “re-encode the files onto the hard drive.” At 6:00 PM, the judge returns. The secretary reports that they still cannot play the video.

Judge: The court decides to postpone the court proceedings to address technical issues with playing the recording and to hear the victims and prosecution witnesses.

The judge schedules the next session for July 5th.

Judge: What time were you brought here?

Krisevich: Probably around 10. If the victims don’t show up again, will it be postponed once more?

Judge: We will try to ensure their attendance.

At 6:03 PM, the session is over.

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