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The “Bears”: the court is more familiar with the case file than the prosecutor.

About the case: According to the investigation, members of the sabotage and assault group “Bears” participated in military actions in the Donetsk People’s Republic. Each of them is accused of violent seizure of power, participation in an illegal armed formation and training for terrorist activities.

The case is being considered by the three-judge panel, presided by Gurgen Serzhikovich Dovlatbekyan of the Southern Military District Court.

The defendants were not delivered at the appointed time. The judge decided to announce an hour break due to the delay of the convoy. 

The prosecutor read the case materials and was poorly oriented. The judge corrected the prosecutor by pointing out the volumes to be read and the missing profile data of the defendants in the additional case materials.

The prosecutor recalled that he had filed a motion to bring the CPC of the Donetsk People’s Republic into conformity with the CPC of Russia. The judge noted the right of the defense and the defendants to familiarize themselves with this motion.

The hearing was adjourned.

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