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Trial of five Ukrainian prisoners of war

About the case: Russian court is considering the case against 5 Ukrainian prisoners of war (Ivan Vladimirovich Bezlepkin, Yury Yuryevich Makarenko, Gleb Aleksandrovich Petruk, Vladimir Ivanovich Puzanov, Dmitry Nikolaevich Reivakh), the investigation accuses them of participation in terrorist communities (article 205.4 part 2 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation).

The case is being considered by the Southern District Military Court, Judge Gurgen Dovlatbekyan Serzhikovich.

The hearing started 45 minutes late. The lawyers were brought in 15 minutes earlier to talk to the defendants. Initially, 6 lawyers participated in the hearing, but during the hearing one of the lawyers withdrew: Petruk stated that he had signed a contract with the  lawyer and so he no longer needed the services of an appointed lawyer.

The hearing was attended by 12 members of the public, including 5 journalists and relatives of the defendants. Upon entering the courtroom, several women began to cry. The bailiff carefully made sure that they did not take pictures and did not try to approach the “aquarium”.

The judge considered two requests for photography and allowed photography during the recess.

The hearing was devoted to identification. All defendants are citizens of Ukraine, not previously convicted. One of them has a small child. No one needed an interpreter.

After the identification, the judge read the data of the forensic psychiatric examination, according to which the two defendants need a representative in court.

According to the report, Vladimir Puzanov suffers from psychopathy but is able to account for his actions. His daughter is present at the hearing, she is ready to come to any hearing in Rostov from the village on the territory of the Donetsk People’s Republic, where she lives. The judge appointed her as the representative of Vladimir Puzanov.

Yuriy Makarenko, according to the expert’s report, has a slight mental retardation but still is aware of his actions. His sister is present at the hearing, she is not ready to participate in every hearing as a representative. It can be seen that she is nervous on the podium, it is noticeable that she has doubts. Then Yuri’s lawyer asks permission to explain to the woman what it means to be a representative, but the judge says that the woman has no questions, so she understands everything. The judge does not allow Yuri’s sister to be his representative in court and appoints the social defense in that capacity.

The hearing is postponed because the social defense needs to be involved in the further proceedings. The judge suggests June 22, but one of the lawyers is busy in another case at that time, so the judge postpones the hearing to July 24.

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